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5 Things You'll Find In the Waldorf Astoria's Presidential Suite

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The Waldorf Astoria has long been a place of respite for visiting dignitaries and federal employees, with a booking in its Presidential Suite offering bonkers perks like steeply discounted stays, monogrammed towels and linens, and, for the president, a special Metro North train waiting underneath the hotel lest Midtown traffic gridlocks. The esteemed and historic space that has hosted every president since Herbert Hoover is, kind of surprisingly, not only available to federal employees, but also Average Joe's with $4,000 to $8,000 to shell out for a night's stay (disclaimer: the above niceties are only available to federal employees). Average Joe will, however, get to lounge amongst the very large suite's array of historic furniture and goods. A recent visit from the New York Times details a few of the things that can be found in the suite:

1) A plaque of famous guests that have stayed in the room. Silly aside: the President of Romania's name has been scratched out by another guest. Someone's got beef.

2) An upholstered rocking chair that once belonged to President John F. Kennedy, at right.

3) Wall sconces donated by President Richard Nixon.

4) A desk owned by General Douglas MacArthur.

5) A gold oval mirror and eagle-base table that were donated by President Ronald Reagan.

The New York Times reports that, as of Tuesday, the Presidential Suite is available on Saturday and Sunday for the "off-season bargain rate" of as little as $4,000 a night. Any takers?
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