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Brooklyn Condo King Boaz Gilad Unveils Angular 'Luxury' Ones

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Brookland Capital chief Boaz Gilad's commitment to building condos on every square inch of Brooklyn is quite impressive a bit terrifying. Just look at the man's track record, for crying out loud—it's like a new development pops up every day. The latest from the prolific builder is a rendering (h/t YIMBY) for the 20 "luxury" units he is putting up on Atlantic Avenue in Clinton Hill. Designed by Feingold & Gregory Architects, 929 Atlantic Avenue has two vaguely symmetrical sides around an elevatory shaft (though the western half is quite a bit more angular); it sports a somewhat bizarre geometric exoskeleton on the facade. The condos will replace a former auto body shop (yes, yes, RIP cars), and looks like it'll count the few remaining ones as its neighbors.

The 20 apartments will range from studios to two-bedrooms, and Gilad plans to break ground in May.
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