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Call for Submissions: Curbed Wants To See Your Tiny Home

Inside a 242-square-foot apartment. Photo by Max Touhey.

There are small New York apartments, and then there are small New York apartments. Microdwellings seem to have proliferated in recent years, thanks in part to the city's plan to construct a whole building of micro units, but New Yorkers have been living in small spaces for, well, basically forever (see: tenements and SROs). And so let it be known that Curbed is preparing to celebrate this tradition of small space living with our first ever Micro Week. Do you live in a splendidly small apartment? Did you design a clever lofted bed to create more space? Is your bedroom the size of a closet? Did you experience a micro-housing nightmare? We want to know! And we're not stopping at tiny apartments; this is a week to highlight all of New York's smallest spaces, so we're also searching for the tiniest parks, offices, streets, stores, restaurants, coffee shops—you name it. Send stories, photos, and intel to This will be fun.
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