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Bushwick's New Artists' Studios Are the Opposite of Inspiring

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In an inscrutable turn of events, New York's most unimaginative architect has been tapped to design yet another building for people who consider it their job to be creative: artists. First reported by Brownstoner, Gene Kaufman's office unveiled a rendering for 13 Grattan Street in Bushwick, which will be a four-story new construction building containing art galleries and restaurants on the ground floor. Of the 23,000 square feet, the majority will go to "loft space for artists with 12-foot ceilings, upper floor terraces and large windows to bring in lots of light." Developed by Marianne and Ted Hovivian—who are also working on a (not very attractive) Kaufman-designed live-work space for artists in East Williamsburg—are behind the project, which will the called The AnX. Maybe that explains the giant Xs over the windows? In any case, the graffiti on the fence surrounding the vacant lot before construction started was more inspiring than this looks.

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