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Big Reveal: $1.185 Million for a Modern Boerum Hill Loft

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This week's Pricespotter, a spacious two-bedroom loft, is located in Boerum Hill's Ex-Lax Building (so named because it used to be an Ex-Lax factory), which has home to some oddly decorated apartments in the past. This one is pretty normal, though, as far as decor goes, and it's asking $1.185 million. That means that this week's winners are NYCsince83, who guessed $1.195 million and wrote, "Not an ideal layout -- the master has only one window and the other bedroom is basically in the living room -- but it's pretty spacious with plenty of storage. [...] I think my guess is too high at $1.195 m, but pretty much ALL of the apartments I see listed these days seem overpriced," and NYC.ME, who copied NYCsince83's guess.

· Listing: 423 Atlantic Avenue #2C [Compass, via Streeteasy]
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423 Atlantic Avenue

423 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY