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Oh Look, More Residential Towers for Long Island City

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Renderings have surface for a pair of residential tower planned for Jackson Avenue near Queens Plaza, where they will have lots of company. These towers will be designed by architect Raymond Chan and developed by the Queens-based Lions Group, according to 6sqft. They'll sit across the street from one other, with the addresses of 26-32 Jackson Avenue and 27-01 Jackson Avenue, and rise about 30 and 40 stories. Permits for the latter site were actually filed in late December, but they were for a 15-story building, so that doesn't exactly match up with these visuals. No permits have been filed for 26-32 Jackson Avenue.

Chan is also designing a 110-unit, 18-story building at 42 27th Street called One Queens Plaza. Permits were filed for the 90,000-square-foot building in January, and it will also have 8,645 square feet of commercial space, and a 55-car parking lot.
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