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Pricing, Floorplans Revealed for Chetrit Group's Sony Building

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In addition to the $150 million penthouse with 18 toilets, the Chetrit Group's Sony Building will feature 95 other (slightly less) nauseatingly expensive apartments, for which the The Real Deal has just revealed pricing info via offering plan filed with the New York Attorney General. The cheapest unit in the building, a 14th-floor three-bedroom, will ask $9.85 million. Other particularly expensive units include a $57.5 million eight-bedroom on the 35th floor, a $60 million five-bedroom on the 34th floor, and a $75 million eight-bedroom on the 33rd floor. The Real Deal also got its hands on floorplans for the latter two units. Despite the astronomical prices, the large size of the apartments means the Sony Tower will not approach the price per square foot records claimed by 432 Park and One57.

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