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Controversial Rental Towers Obscure St. John the Divine

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Despite strenuous objections from local preservationists and archicritics like Justin Davidson and Michael Kimmelman, the Brodsky Organization is indeed building two 15-story rental towers to the north of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and now that Field Condition has visited the site and snapped some photographs we can get a sense of just how obscured the cathedral is going to be. Though the towers have yet to reach their full heights (the western tower has reached six stories, while the eastern one is at 10) they cozy right up to the church and will clearly render it all but invisible from the north. There is a space between the towers that allows a view of the church's north transept (the part that Kimmelman suggested should be the only thing obscured). When finished in 2016, the Handel Architects-designed towers will contain a total of 428 apartments.

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