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Nine-Story Rental May Grow On Top Of Caton Place Church

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A Windsor Terrace church on Caton Place partnered with Suzuki Capital and Gothic Development Group to turn its giant parking lot into a giant rental building, according to the Commercial Observer. The church will remain, but part of the new nine-story, 100,000-square-foot building could be built on top of it. C3D Architecture is designing the new building, which will definitely consume incorporate the existing church in some way. An exact number of units was not given, but the Observer says the building at 72 Caton Place will be larger than the 126-unit Kestrel just down the block. Twenty percent of the new rentals will be set aside as affordable housing, and many units will have views of Prospect Park. The development will also have a robotic parking system to make up for the loss of the parking lot.
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