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NYC's Only Private Island Home Will Be Solar Powered

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Nick Carr of Scouting NY recently stumbled across an island so obscure it didn't even make our map of 34 obscure New York City Islands. Columbia Island in the Long Island Sound is so named because CBS used to use it back in the '40s as a broadcasting station. (Prior to that it was known as Little Pea Island, which is a way better name.) In recent years, however, it has been purchased by filmmaker Al Sutton, who has been constructing a self-powered private residence on the forbidding concrete-covered island, with solar panels and wind turbines. Hurricane Sandy may have put a hitch in his plans, though, as an article on the project in Green Tech Advocates was published on the day of the storm, and construction does not appear, in Carr's recent photos, to have progressed much since then.

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