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Upper East Side Studio Fuses New York & Massachusetts Pride

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The interior of an Upper East Side apartment. There is a kitchen area with a stove and chairs. There is a living area with a red couch, dresser, bed, and art work on the walls.

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[All photos by Max Touhey]

One look around Andrew Kalloch's Upper East Side studio, and it's clear where his passions lie. Fenway Park seats sit below art prints from the MTA. A decommissioned Bryant Park subway station sign hangs above a counter that holds a cutting board shaped like Massachusetts. "I am a proud New Yorker, but I'm also proud of where I came from," says Kalloch, who describes his aesthetic as a "fusion of New York pride and Massachusetts pride," with a healthy dose of Americana. Kalloch grew up in the Boston suburb of Hamilton, went to undergrad and law school at Harvard, and for the last six years, has lived and worked in New York City. He moved into this quiet ground floor unit in July 2013, and immediately put things on the walls to make it his own. The decor love is definitely shared between his two homes, but his family likes to send things "that tilt the balance" in favor of Massachusetts.

Kalloch, the Deputy Director of Policy for Comptroller Scott Stringer, moved to New York full time in June 2009 after spending his law school summers working in the city. His first apartment was "hilariously small," but he feels "lucky to have had that experience" because it's made every other apartment seem bigger. Thus, he doesn't find his current studio too limiting, though he has "dreams of having an apartment with a kitchen table." But the apartment, a Craigslist find, is rent-stabilized, which is "like finding a piece of gold," so he's pretty happy to call it home.

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