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Brooklyn Warehouse-Turned-Townhouse Chops Ask to $7.2M

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This converted warehouse at 90 Wyckoff Street first hit the market eight months ago asking a hair under $8 million. After failing to find a buyer for that exorbitant sum, it has cut the price to a still-extremely-expensive $7.2 million. Whatever the place ends up going for, it seems like a lock to break the Boerum Hill townhouse record by a significant margin—the current record holder is the $4.2 million house at 165 Dean Street that went for the full asking price. [EDIT: As commenter BoerumHillJo points out, the actual record holder is house that Michelle Williams recently sold for $8.8 million. We regret the error.] Like that house, 90 Wyckoff is also newly renovated, but in a much less traditional style. It includes a skylit atrium on the first floor, a glass-walled staircase, and a two-story floor-to-ceiling window with automatic shade. In addition, there's a landscaped roof deck and a garage.

· Listing: 90 Wyckoff Street [Brown Harris Stevens, via Streeteasy]