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Celebrate the Destruction of Part of LaGuardia Airport!

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[All photos via Dark Cyanide/Untapped Cities. Click through for more.]

The much-heralded redesign of LaGuardia Airport appears to have hit yet another roadblock, wallowing in an accursed purgatory that resembles the diabolical airport itself. Nevertheless, Friday saw the beginning of demolition of Hangars 2 and 4, two jet-age structures located between the Central Terminal Building and the Delta/US Airways terminal. As Untapped Cities put it, "There hasn't been any news about it, probably because nobody cares."

The 70-plus-year-old hangars are outdated, do not serve the current needs of the airport, and are situated on land that could be developed. So, at a cost of $22.9 million, the Port Authority is bringing them down, and according to Untapped Cities' LaGuardia source, the land will be used for the redevelopment of the Central Terminal Building, which (let's face it) will probably never happen.
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