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Penthouse of Rare Mid-Century Fifth Ave. Building Asks $15.5M

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Just north of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the sleek, dark glass facade of 1045 Fifth Avenue stands out amid the brick prewars, laden with ornamentation. Developer Manny Duell put up the mid-century modern building, designed by Horace Ginsbern, in 1967, keeping the customized penthouse for himself. Later, he gifted it to his wife, Irene. She passed away last year at the age of 92. So for the first time in four decades, the 10-room spread is on the market. It spans the top three stories; "each floor of this magnificent apartment boasts 40 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows with a terrace of glass directly overlooking Central Park." The Times calls it a "glamorous 1960s time capsule with a dash of Hollywood in its décor."

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