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Michael Shvo's Enormous FiDi Tower Is Beginning To Rise

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A tipster informs us that work started this weekend at 125 Greenwich Street, the future site of the 1,356-foot tower that Michael Shvo (along with Bizzi Partners) is developing, which, going by the renderings, looks like it's going to be a tall, slim, completely unembellished glass rectangle. The 77-story Rafael Vinoly-designed building will be Downtown's tallest residential tower, and will stand only 23 feet shorter than the city's record-holder, 432 Park Avenue. There is no targeted completion yet as of yet for the ambitious project, which will contain a total of 128 apartments, including 10 5,300-square-foot full-floor penthouses and a 10,600-square-foot duplex penthouse.

UPDATE: Though previous reports from sources involved with the development said that the tower would be 1,356-feet tall, New Building permits issued on February 12 put the building height at "just" 841 feet and 71 stories.

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Here's an aerial view, just to help clarify the Instagram user's point as to how small the site is.

It's going to be mighty skinny.
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