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Tell Curbed Your Small-Space Horror Story and Win a Prize

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Dear readers, it's your turn to contribute to Micro Week 2015. Have you lived in a small space? It's New York. Who are we kidding? Of course you have. The Worst Room Tumblr has done an excellent job documenting the city's most cramped, most pathetic offerings for rent—and now we want to hear true-life tales from folks who've lived inside these hellholes petite pads.

Was it a six-bedroom share that resembled a dorm room? A one-bed converted into three? An SRO? A basement apartment with a probably-not-legal number of windows? Whatever your tiny-home reminiscence is, we want to hear all about it. The more brutal, the better. (What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?) Send all the sordid details, along with pictures if you've got 'em, to by Thursday, February 26, at midnight.

All tales will remain anonymous, but we'll publish the lot on Friday. Bonus: the four best submissions will win prizes. Brian Foo, whose Continuous City project had him drawing cute miniature models of hundreds of local buildings, has generously donated posters and a book to dole out to those who share the worst—and by worst we mean best—stories. There there, wear your miserable minuscule room with pride, and get ready to spill.
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