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Welcome to Curbed's First-Ever Micro Week, Starting Now!

Inside a totally livable 242-square-foot apartment. Photo by Max Touhey.

There are small New York apartments, and then there are small New York apartments. The proliferation of microdwellings over the last few years is definitely a trend, thanks in part to the city's plan to construct a whole building full of them. But don't forget that New Yorkers have been making do with less for, well, forever; just think of the Lower East Side's tenements and the later development of SROs.

For all those reasons—and let's face it, because it's fun—Curbed kicks off its first-ever Micro Week right now. That's right, five days' worth of stories, photos, and minuscule floorplans that celebrate the grand tradition of small-space living. Expect us to tour some wee homes (some inexpensive; some defiantly pricey), explore the city's smallest neighborhood, crunch the numbers on where to find (or avoid?) the tiniest apartments, map the city's shortest streets, show you how to host 22 guests in spite of a cramped studio, and so much more. If you've got something to say, the tipline awaits. Without further ado, let's get this party started.
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