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Insufferable Video Shows New City Point Views; Flatbush Demo

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—This promotional video for City Point may be rather insufferable, but it does give new glimpses at the megaproject and more or less confirms that the project's third tower will rival 388 Bridge Street in height, meaning it will be one of the tallest in the borough. Other fascinating laughable tidbits from the video include reference to Brooklyn as an "under-retailed city" and an introduction to the borough via the following quote from GQ magazine, "Brooklyn today is the coolest city on the planet." [CurbedWire inbox; official; previously]

EAST FLATBUSH—A tipster sent word that the house at 325 Lenox Road near the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens border has been razed. But for what? Uh, nothing apparently. The lot, which is for sale for $2.15 million, appears to be being marketed as a development site by Douglas Elliman. The property is being billed as a potential combination lot with the adjacent through-block property. A google street view shot from October shows a shuttered commercial building of some sort on the property behind No. 325. No jobs for either property have been filed with the DOB. A neighboring building of similar build to 325 Lenox Road sold for $520,000 in 2012. [CurbedWire inbox]

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