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Navigate 375 Years of NYC Geography With 'Time Machine'

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Remember a couple of months ago when the cartography enthusiast corner of the internet exploded—Curbed included—because the NYPL digitized and made available 22,000 hi-res historic maps of New York City? Well, at least one person nerding out over the collection has used a few of the maps to create something useful. Orian Breaux has created a tool that's similar to NYPL's map warper, but is far more manageable. According to Breaux, he set out to create an easy way for people to navigate through the maps and see how they relate to each other. The result is NYC Time Machine, which lets users browse maps from between 1666 and present day. His next objective is to build out a concept he refers to as "historical street view" that would allow people to see historic photos tied to their location and era.
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