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8 of the Most Terrifyingly Tiny Rentals Available on Craigslist

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Yesterday we brought you 13 of the tiniest homes for sale in New York City, but the truth is that the really frighteningly tiny (or just plain frightening places) aren't for sale; they're on Craigslist. Take, for example, this Williamsburg room or this furnished closet in the Financial District. Joining the pantheon is this two Forest Park, Queens (pictured above), which claims to total 204 square feet. But hey, at least it has a window. And...a chair. Without further ado, we bring you seven more of the most upsettingly small rental, sublet, or roommate situations currently advertised on the infamous website.

Despite the fact that it appears to be roughly as a skinny as a large sidewalk, this apartment has some positive features such as the exposed brick wall and the fact that it is located in the "fame Chelsea area." All that for only $2,700/month.

This Hell's Kitchen apartment looks nice enough, until you consider that there are enough pictures taken from enough angles that they might actually represent the entire apartment, and then you start to think: wait, where does the bed go?

There's no question about where the beds go in this pay-by-the-night deal in Brighton Beach. They go there. Next to the bureau. The listings says it's "25$ a night for one person," so it's unclear whether you'd be bunking down with a roommate (as all the rooms have two beds, and little else).

This Murray Hill studio looks like it's less than twice as big as the bed that's wedged into it, considering that the photographer couldn't get more than a few inches away from the bed to take its picture. When a listing deigns to include both the words "cozy" and "small," you know it's really tiny. But on the bright side, there's a $350 "application fee" and it's available December 1, so that doesn't seem at all suspicious.

The bedroom definitely doesn't look particularly large in this Bushwick sublet (it is, after all, one room in a two-bedroom apartment that totals only 680 square feet) but the real standout is the common area, with chair ball (?) suspended from the ceiling by a chain and a large unclothed doll overlooking the proceedings from atop a dividing wall.

240 square feet is way on the small side, but compared to some of the places on this list, this Midtown West sublet looks, if not enormous, at least livable. The kitchen is accurately referred to as a "cooking corner," however.

There's no square footage listed for this Murray Hill studio, but it's a safe bet that it well under 240 (assuming that it even exists—it's another of those $350 application fee deals). In general, you don't want to be able to stand in the middle of your apartment and touch every single item of furniture.
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