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The Ultimate Guide to Living In A New York Microdwelling

What does it take to be able to live in a minuscule apartment? A penchant for throwing things away helps, as do friends with carpentry skills and a healthy dose of patience. Friendless and lacking diligence? Never fear. There are plenty of small space hacks that money can buy to make your adorable 100-square-foot house box in Cobble Hill a home. Come, learn the secrets to living in a microdwelling.

And now in more detail:

1. Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This is the bible for microdwellers.

2. A Murphy bed that folds up to reveal a couch. Or a bed with storage under it. Or a lofted bed. Really, just don't have a regular bed.

3. This crazy minimalist furniture from Japan. It does so many things!

4. A toilet-sink, of course.. It saves space, and is probably eco-friendly.

5. A Wall of Mirrors to maximize the look of space, although don't do it like this.

6. Clever storage, like under the stairs, and built ins in random-ass places like here.

7. Nature, in the form of tiny plants that hang on the walls.

8. A kitchen pegboard, to hang pots and utensils.

9. At least one piece of lucite furniture, or many pieces, like P. Diddy.

10. At least one piece of totally bonkers custom furniture. This "table" may cost $7,000, but it will entertain you for hours.

11. A cool rug to cover your 10' by 10' square of floor.

12. Over-the-sink cutting board to enlarge your 7 inches of counter space.

13. Curtains as fake walls, to give the illusion of privacy.

14. A convection microwave, so you can zap Hot Pockets and bake cookies.

15. A tiny frying pan to use on your tiny hot plate.

16. This table that folds up to become a giant picture frame.

17. A well-stocked bar. When the claustrophobia sets in, you'll want a drink.

18. A nearby park, so you can remember what wide open spaces feel like.
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