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Here Now, the 10 Most Absurdly Expensive Studios in NYC

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This Micro Week, we've already highlighted the most famous micro units, the smallest, and the cheapest, and now we turn our attention to the most expensive studio apartments in New York City. (This list features only one unit per building, because otherwise the whole thing would be absurdly priced rooms in the Trump Soho.) Above, we have the floorplan for a studio in The Residences at 400 Fifth Avenue asking $1.19 million, which features a pretty fancy bathroom and diamond angled windows.

In Gramercy's 1 Irving Place, also known as Zeckendorf Towers, a 540-square-foot studio with two exposures is asking $1.195 million, a hefty $2,212 per square foot. Don't worry—it'll get worse.

This studio in the Halcyon 305 in Turtle Bay is slightly more expensive, at $1.2 million, but also a good deal larger, at 752 square feet and it features a small private terrace. It includes "smoked oak flooring," which is apparently a thing.

Another $1.2 million apartment, this one in Bing and Bing-designed prewar West Village co-op building 299 West 12th Street, is also quite large, with three large closets and a separate dressing area and a nice-sized foyer, in addition to the ample main living area. Both the kitchen and bathroom are windowed.

This 583-square-foot studio in The Caledonia looks more exciting on paper than it does in the pictures, but it does have a floor-to-ceiling window and a sleeping alcove, and for those reasons it's asking $1.275 million.

Probably the most interesting apartment on this list is the around-300-square-foot studio in 177 Thompson Street for which artist Stuart Ross is asking $1.3 million. Ross outfitted the place himself with lighting and metalwork installations and other features made out of reclaimed materials. There's also a swing. And he threw out the stove.

There are no actual pictures or floorplans of this 664-square-foot studio in Christian de Portzamparc's 400 Park Avenue South (hopefully the bathtub actually comes filled with water and flower petals) but that doesn't stop it from asking $1,519,990, a hefty $2,289 per square foot.

And now we get to the really expensive ones. A 674-square-foot unit in Midtown's Olympic Tower is asking $1.875 million ($2,781 per square foot) with another $1,989 in monthly costs. It features a floor-to-ceiling window and a separate sleeping area partitioned off with curving walls.

The last two on the list are both hotel suites that can only be lived in for part of the year, and can generate income in the meantime, but they still deserve to be included just for the astronomical prices attached to tiny rooms. This one, in The Plaza, wants $1.995 million for 580 square feet, which comes out to $3,439 per square foot.

And finally, we come to the Trump Soho, which has a bunch of units like this listed (people don't seem to be too keen on buying them, for some reason...) but none as expensive as the 532-square-footer asking $2,034,900 ($3,825 per square foot). It's been on the market since October 2013 with no price cuts.
· Micro Week 2015 [Curbed]

Zeckendorf Towers

1 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003

400 Park Avenue South

400 Park Avenue South, New York, NY

The Caledonia

450 W 17th St., New York, NY 10011

The Setai Fifth Avenue

400 5th Ave., New York, NY 10018

The Plaza

Central Park South, Manhattan, NY 10019 Visit Website