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How Many Micro Apartments Fit In These NYC Landmarks?

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Although the idea of replacing Central Park with a bunch of apartments is totally depressing, it's not an inhuman thing to merely wonder about. How many would fit? What about in Grand Central Terminal? Or the Met? A little bit of number crunching has turned back how many 300-square-foot micro apartments could fit in the floor area of different city landmarks and notable locations, and the findings are kind of staggering. New Yankee Stadium, which measures 1.3 million square feet, could fit a whole 4,333 micro apartments. One caveat: these figures don't allow for door-to-door hallway space, but seeing as this is in no way a call to convert irreplaceable landmarks into micro islands, that shouldn't be a biggie.

↑ Grand Central Terminal covers 2,090,882 square feet, meaning 6,970 micro units could fit inside of its walls.

↑ At 843 acres, or 36,721,080 square feet, Central Park can be home to 122,403 micro units.

↑ The Empire State Building covers 2,248,355 square feet, which means a whole 7,695 micro units could fit on its floors.

↑ The massive Metropolitan Museum of Art, spreading 2 million square feet, could be home to 6,667 micro units.

↑ And lastly, Curbed Cup 2014 victor, City Island. The small Bronx island covers just 253 acres, or 11,020,694 square feet, and could hold 36,736 micro units.
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