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New Condos Sound Like a Williamsburg-Flavored Fruit Spread

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Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund took to his Instagram page today to announce the launching of the teaser site for 338 Berry Street, a condo conversion in Williamsburg that will henceforth be known as...oh man...Williamsberry. In a borough where more and more buildings are giving themsleves really silly names, Williamsberry might take the cake, and then cover that cake with Williamsberry-flavored icing because Williamsberry sounds like a kind of jam. Or a Froyo store. Or a butler from an Edwardian novel. Williamsberry, fetch the silver! The Duke approaches!

According to recent permits, which developer Mona Gora (a.k.a. Very Berry, LLC) was finally able to file after getting rid of those pesky existing tenants, the seven-story former noodle factory will be enlarged by one floor and will contain 54 units, which Eklund reveals will be priced from $575,000 to $3.5 million and up for the three penthouses. From the rendering it looks like the rumored solar panels are still in play.
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