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How One Man Lives In 'The Hole,' Brooklyn's Border Town

For Narratively, producer Allen Agostino visited The Hole, a Brooklyn-Queens border town that is, at best, described as a hinterland. The five block triangular area, disputably claimed by East New York, is notably 30-feet below sea level and detached from the municipal sewer system, two logistical hardships that seem to, in different ways, shape the neighborhood. In a recent interview, area resident Bam spoke with Agostino about his life in the sordid in-between, "John Gotti called it The Hole," Bam tells Agostino of the notorious mafioso, "When people met down here in The Hole it was for two things: you were discussing business, or you were getting killed down here." In other words, the Hole is not a place making headlines for its land values or neighborhood amenities. Although just "a twenty minute trip from Manhattan" (ed. note: who knew jet packs were a viable transportation option?) the neighborhood, with its lack of infrastructure and municipal systems, is a world away.
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