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Big Reveal: $1.65M for a Renovated Duplex in Carroll Gardens

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As multiple commenters correctly identified, this week's Pricespotter is on Luquer Street, and as it turns out, it's asking $1.65 million. That means that the closest guess was from tomnevers who suspiciously guessed "$1.65 million" and wins the prestigious prize of nothing. Presumable Carroll Gardens local Between Court did not hazard a guess, but did offer a case against buying the unit, writing, "Luquer between Court and Smith, in the condos built on the old property where St Mary's nuns used to live. ... no 'first class finishes' here, just a contentious earlier history with disputes over poor workmanship and unfulfilled promises. Layouts are meh, outdoor space just adequate- and unlike the roaring acoustics of the subway hitting the back of 505 Court St. the train noise here is fairly unobtrusive."

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