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You Could Play Vanessa Carlton's Pianos for $17,500/Month

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Early 2000s pop songstress Vanessa Carlton promised the world that she would walk 1,000 miles if she could just see you. Just to play a meaningless numbers game, it's been more than 1,000 hours since she put her Noho two-bedroom on the rental market—5,664, or 236 days, to be precise. Apartment #5 in a six-unit building on Lafayette Street probably found a renter last time around, but it's available again as of September 1. (That kind of rent can be hard to keep up if you're not V.C.) So the musician has opted to perform a little RentChop on her lovely, exposed brick-filled apartment.

Last listed in June of 2014 for $17,950, it just returned to market for a smidge less: $17,500 . And yes, it comes fully furnished, which means any day (just an ordinary day) in the lucky renters' life can be spent tinkling the ivories on two different pianos in her honor. Optional: doing so while wearing her headdresses from Cameroon. City records show she paid $1.83 million for the place in 2004.

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