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New Karl Fischers Headed to East Harlem, Midtown South

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While most of HAP Investments' new buildings are being designed by the outlandish Karim Rashid, lately it appears that the developer is moving away from Rashid's bizarre color choices and Tetris-like facades, possibly to an extreme degree. The newest rendering to be unveiled, for a 10-story building at 2211 Third Avenue in East Harlem, reveals the work of the conservative, almost aggressively mundane Karl Fischer—about as far from Karim Rashid as you can get. Karim Rashid doesn't believe in style. Karl Fischer simply doesn't have any use for it.

Fischer's oft-criticized style (or lack thereof) doesn't stop him from getting work, though, as he remains one of the city's most prolific architects. Yet another of his designs was also unleashed into the internet today as Yitzhak Tessler's stalled 172 Madison Street project finally has a rendering, which reveals it to be a big glassy rectangle. (We would expect nothing less.) The tower will rise to 31 stories and 391 feet.
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