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Upper East Side House with Basketball Court Asks $29.5M

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$29.5 million might seem like a lot of money to spend on a house, but it's still $10.5 million cheaper than yesterday's record-setting Brooklyn mansion, and this place is located on the traditionally much more expensive Upper East Side. We're not sure which one is being put into perspective here, if either. The point is, this is a very expensive, very fancy townhouse, which includes a very large private garden, five fireplaces, a wood-paneled library, and a gym with a basketball hoop (with windows along one wall and on the ceiling, which seems dangerous for a basketball court, but then again, the windows are covered with some flimsy netting?) The current owners spent $5 million on the house in 2005, so they stand to make a hefty profit.

· 160 East 83rd Street [Warburg, via Streeteasy]