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What $1,200/Month Can Rent You in New York City

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various NYC neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,200/month.

↑ Yup, it's one of those weeks. This first place, located in (the vicinity of) Astoria, is...sure...something. It comes "completely furnished [with patio furniture, a couch that is camouflaging itself into the wall, and a corner-facing child's desk that, frankly, is just really upsetting] if you prefer." On the plus side, it comes with its own gym (four free weights in a makeshift closet) and any one of those doors might be a portal into John Malkovich's brain. $1,150/month.

↑ In Crown Heights, this much more normal studio apartment is asking $1,250/month. It includes an upgraded kitchen and a couple of weird little light fixtures.

↑ This Sunnyside studio might not be making the best use of its 400 square feet of space with two large leather couches, but at least you know you can fit them both, and a kitchen table, and a bed, barely. It's asking $1,250/month and comes with a half-finished Corona.

↑ In Washington Heights, up on 159th Street, an unremarkable studio is asking $1,250/month. It's hard to get a sense of the main room, but there is a separate kitchen.

↑ In Sunset Park, a 400-square-foot studio is going for $1,200/month. The refrigerator placement leaves something to be desired (namely, access to the sink).

↑ And in Flatbush, an actual one-bedroom in a rent-stabilized building is going for $1,250/month. Elements of the kitchen and bathroom look newish and there's at least one closet.

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