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Condos in 'Brooklyn's Tribeca' Want to Lure Wine Enthusiasts

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Event: The grand opening broker party for Waterbridge 47, aka 47 Bridge Street in Dumbo.
In the house: Greystone CEO of Property Development Jeffrey Simpson, aptsandlofts founder David Maundrell, and a mix of brokers, common folk, and women in fur.
Menu: Red Hook Winery wines, bites by Bacchanal including teeny-tiny bagel and lox and deviled eggs topped with caviar.
Observed: A group of men all dressed to the nines and holding glasses of red wine properly—by the stem.
Overheard: "He's 100-percent born and raised American." "Oh, that's disappointing." and "I don't even think half of these people are brokers."

On a blustery Thursday night, hordes of people—at least far too many to fit comfortably in a small space—joined in celebrating the grand opening broker party for Waterbridge 47, Greystone's "boutique" development on the Dumbo/Vinegar Hill border. If the party, complete with jazz band, is to be used as an indicator for the clientele the development wants to woo, the answer is this: the endorser of finer things who's kind of laid back and gets immense satisfaction from telling their family elsewhere they live in Brooklyn. Serendipitously, Greystone CEO of Property Development Jeffrey Simpson indirectly corroborated that assessment, noting that Dumbo really is "Brooklyn's Tribeca."

Compared to sales galleries for larger developments, Waterbridge 47's is rather modest, with a small replicated kitchen in one corner and a model bathroom in the other. But that size modesty extends in part to the development itself. The building, which went on sale January 5th and is already 25-percent sold, is comprised of 25 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments with asks ranging from $850,000 to $2.2 million. Want a parking space with that? That'll be an extra $100,000, please.

The development's Manhattan-in-Brooklyn air is due to its amenities, of which there are many for a small building. Most notable of the lot, its wine cellar and lounge, which will be clad in salvaged brick and have plenty of tasting areas. The party planners made the nice gesture of bringing in Red Hook Winery wines for the gathering, but it seems more likely that building occupants will be storing less attainable bottles like that wine from that one movie.
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