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Where in New York City Do Millennials Live?

[All maps via Generationed City/University of Waterloo]

It's no secret that New York City is overrun with Millennials, but where exactly do these self-entitled little nogoodniks live?

The good people at the University of Waterloo School of Planning in Ontario are attempting to map just that, in addition to a host of other major metropolitan areas (cities with populations over 1 million) in North America, as part of their Generationed City project. The ambitious project collects both census and crowd-sourced data and compares demographic patterns to other, older generations.

According to the research team, preliminary data suggests that cities with "the highest shares of young adults are also those where young adults are most centralized, and where the Baby Boomers are more suburbanized." Such a conclusion seems like a no-brainer, but the mapped data reveals some interesting trends across the continent.

For example, the city with the largest share of young people is Salt Lake City, while the city with the lowest is Cincinnati.

As for New York City, the results are basically what you'd expect, with North Brooklyn, the Far West Side, the Upper East Side, the East Village, and Western Queens all revealing hot spots of "youthification," and the surrounding suburbs mostly made up of older people. But nevertheless, there are some curious pockets of youth in areas that one wouldn't necessarily expect, such as Bayonne, portions of the North Bronx (such as Norwood), Yonkers, and Forest Hills, among others.

The university's project is ongoing, and readers between the ages of 18 and 40 are encouraged to fill out a survey, which particularly focuses on the "housing and employment challenges the current economy presents for young adults."
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