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Atterbury Mansion PH Sells For $32M; When Brokers Tweet

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UPPER EAST SIDE—Last week's most expensive sale was the $32 million penthouse of 33 East 74th Street, the former Atterbury Mansion. The Post reports that a "finance family" is in contract to purchase the 6,312-square-foot, five-bedroom penthouse for its full ask. The building is part of a landmarked collection of homes once owned by the Whitney Museum [NYP; previously]

THE INTERWEBS— Two big-time New York City brokers have taken to Twitter with their reactions to the New York Times' ground-breaking investigative piece about scandal-plagued foreign buyers funneling money into NYC real estate. One reaction: see, hear, and speak no evil monkey emojis. Reciprocal reaction: LOL. Comment that might as well have been included by both: wait, this isn't a game? [Twitter; NYT; Curbed]