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Half the Units in Rebranded Seven East Village Already Sold

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Selling luxury condos on Avenue D is a tall order, and after brokerage Urban Compass had no success with boutique condo building 277 East 7th Street developer Steve Ferguson turned the project over to Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant, who rebranded it Seven East Village, commissioned an ad with a shirtless bike-riding hipster, and held a (re)launched party at which he auctioned off a Vespa. Curbed commenters were skeptical. "$2 million to live on Avenue D?! Good luck with this project, Ryan," one wrote. "Urban Compass didn't fare well and I doubt you will either." But, lo and behold, an article on Alphabet City's surging trendiness reveals that Serhant has already managed to sell three of the building's six apartments, less than a month after relaunching sales. Those marketing tactics might seem silly, but apparently they're working.
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