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In Homage to Sam Simon, 14 Times The Simpsons Skewered Architecture and Design

Frank Gehry crumples up a piece of paper, tosses it to the ground, and suddenly becomes inspired to build a similar-looking concert hall for Springfield, hometown of The Simpsons. Rem Koolhaas, with his eyes closed, teaches nine local children about "Lego architecture" using a model of OMA's CCTV tower in Beijing. Since The Simpsons began airing in 1989, there have been countless references to landmarks and architects, new Dwell-reading neighbors and postmodern malls filled with identical Starbucks stores. In homage to the series' co-creator Sam Simon, who passed away on Sunday, and whom many see as "the show's true architect," we look back on the many buildings and designers who have been lovingly ridiculed on The Simpsons.

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