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City May Spend Big Bucks To Keep Beaches, Pools Open Longer

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It's hard to think about summertime fun when the sidewalks' walls of ice only just started to melt and New Yorkers are tentatively wearing three layers outside inside of four. But Parks department officials are weighing the pros and cons of keeping beaches and pools open past Labor Day. Pros: The City Council is into it. Temperatures are usually pretty balmy till late September anyway. Cons: Some lifeguards go back to school. And maintaining the extra hours would cost about $1 million per week. Okay, civil servants, remember that the World Trade Center's transportation hub is costing $4 billion, and one last swim in the Rockaways before the next polar vortex sets in is pretty much priceless.
· City looks at keeping beaches, pools open after Labor Day despite possible $1M a week cost [NYDN]