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Here's the Tower That Will Rise on Roseland Ballroom's Grave

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New York's iconic mega-club, Roseland Ballroom, is officially gutted, making way for a big tower o' condos designed by Cetra/Ruddy. Though the new-building permits are still pending, earlier this year Cetra/Ruddy posted renderings for a 69-story tower ambiguously labeled "Midtown Project" but was assumed to be on the Roseland site. But now the architecture firm's website has been updated with more renderings of the same project—that facade is pretty distinctive, and now it's labeled 242 West 53rd Street, which checks out. It includes the first interior views of the massive apartment building.

Cetra/Ruddy's blurb about the project still puts it at 59 stories, with a total of 468,300 square feet. Here's more on the design:

[T]he building's massing responds to various site and zoning constraints, revealing inventive solutions that maximize the residential adaptability of the building through increased floor area, direct outdoor access and amplified views. Shaping of the form reflects changes in unit mixes, with larger units occupying the top of the building and smaller units occupying the bottom. Building amenities, located within the podium, take on a vertical hierarchy by locating the various amenities from short to tall around the tower, resulting in a series of cascading layers on the roofs above each space.

Permits filed with the Department of Buildings, which haven't yet been approved, say the proposed building will be 62 stories and 625 feet tall, with a pretty sizable 426 units. Other DOB paperwork allude to the amenities: a 45-car parking garage; bike storage; tenant storage; retail space on the ground floor; lounges; two swimming pools; a gym; a basketball court; an outdoor terrace and a roof; a golf simulator; and a private dining room. Some of the upper-floor apartments will be duplexes.

In the meantime, say goodbye to the last bits of Roseland's roof. Animal has a eulogy, taken by drone, in video form.

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