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Sherry Netherland's Priciest Apartment Finally Sells for $70M

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More than two years after it first hit the market, the 18th floor of the Upper East Side's Sherry Netherland has finally found a buyer, the Post reports. Though it was originally listed for $95 million, which would have made it the most expensive co-op in New York City history, the final sale price of $70 million means that it's only tied for second place with the $70 million apartment in 960 Fifth Avenue that sold last June. (The duplex in 740 Park Avenue that went for $71.3 million in September retains the top spot.) The seller of the Sherry Netherland apartment is Liberty Travel co-founder Gilbert Haroche and the buyer, reportedly, is from China, which is a big deal for the Fifth Avenue building's typically xenophobic co-op board.

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781 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10019