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Met Names Architect For Massive Gut; Train It To Jersey Hotels

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UPPER EAST SIDE—The Metropolitan Museum of Art has tapped David Chipperfield Architects for the major gut and rebuild of its contemporary and modern art wing and surrounding areas. David Chipperfield Architects was chosen for the project after a year-long research and selection process. DCA is also behind Berlin's Neues Museum, Mexico City's Museo Jumex, and the Saint Louis Art Museum. While the museum is undergoing its renovation, it will temporarily relocate its contemporary and modern art collection to the former Whitney Museum space just a few blocks to the south. [CurbedWire inbox; NYO; previously]

NEW JERSEY—A very unambiguous website called has put together a map of mass transit options for reaching some of New Jersey's less pricey city-hugging hotels. The map also highlights how much a typical room in the area might cost. If thinking about visiting the area, take a look at the map, or go in on a (probably way less luxurious) hostel bed. [NJHotelsNearNYC]

Metropolitan Museum of Art

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