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Legendary Graffitied Bowery Mansion Cleaned Up for Condos

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The 72-room mansion at the corner of Bowery and Spring streets is gearing up for its next life as condos (and retail shops) after its $55 million purchase by developer Aby Rosen. The process of turning the "Bohemian dream house" at 190 Bowery—once inhabited by eccentric photographer Jay Maisel, who paid $102,000 for it in 1966—will take some time, since apparently it's "in terrible shape." Here goes Step 1: take down the layers upon layers of graffiti and posters and flyers that have accumulated over decades on the stone facade of what was once a branch of the Germania Bank. Let's hope workers noticed the neighborhood response to the sale, emblazoned on its side in November: UUGHH. Check out the photos below to see a neighborhood icon get all sanitized, as well as more coverage (and images) from Animal and Bowery Boogie.

Why did Maisel let street artists run rampant on his property? Allegedly, it's because when he tried to clean the facade himself, back in the Bowery's seedier days, the city wasn't supportive. Now the massive corner building is your $55M problem to buff, Rosen.

Workers have already removed enough of the art/debris (depending on your perspective) so that the ground-floor windows are clear.

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190 Bowery

190 Bowery, New York, NY 10012