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Bay Ridge House Looks Like Something Out of a Fairy Tale

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The three-story, two-family brick home at 457 Ovington Avenue in Bay Ridge has hit the market asking $1.65 million, 6sqft reports, answering a few of the questions that have apparently plagued locals (Forgotten NY claims in a post on Ovington Avenue to have walked by the house for years and wrote, "no one seems to enter or leave; its old-school wide-slat Venetian blinds are always pulled down, the brownstone gradually chipping, the paint is very gradually peeling away, the iron fence is gradually rusting. It seems to be slowly winding down and fading away.") Now, at least, we know what's inside, and the interiors match the exteriors for the most part, with crown molding, intricate original details, stained glass, and more.

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