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Extell's 71-Story Lower East Side Tower, Revealed! (Sort Of)

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Among its many projects in the city, Extell Development is building a very tall tower o' condos on the Lower East Side, just north of the Manhattan Bridge along the East River waterfront. It took a long time for Extell to post renderings on the green construction fencing, the way city law requires, but the company finally came through (even though these clearly aren't final). What emerged, captured by area blogs Bowery Boogie and Lo-Down, is a somewhat sketchy drawing of... a very tall tower. One that neighbors have complained about in past community meetings and on Twitter, and one whose 71-story height continues to rankle and incite hyperbole (as per BB): "At roughly 800 feet tall, this sun-eclipsing tower completely dwarfs everything in the vicinity. The stats are staggering. As the diagram illustrates, the market rate component of the project is more than twice the height of the Manhattan Bridge, which hits 336 feet."

Though tweets from Two Bridges Tower, run by residents of the paltry 21-story building that is the area's second-tallest, refer to the project as having "twin towers," past schematics have visualized it as a zig-zag shape, which seems plausible.

The 71-story tower is set to include a whopping 790 apartments and a whole luxurious line-up of amenities: a squash court, golf simulator, bowling alley, basketball court, Turkish bath, and an 1,874-square-foot lap pool plus accessory kiddie pool. This is in addition to the building's 29,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space.

Extell is also planning an "affordable little sister," a separate 13-story building on the same parcel of land, which once held a Pathmark. Needless to say, residents of those 205 apartments probably won't have access to the golf simulator.
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