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Developer Plans New York City Dormitories for Grown-Ups

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The Dormification of New York City, which in the past has referred to the building of actual college dorms, is extending into housing for regular people, as developer Young Woo & Associates is planning a series of projects that will allow (millennial) renters to rent rooms in communal living spaces on the month-to-month basis. The company has already started a pilot version of the project on the ground floor of 509 East 87th Street, with plans to expand into 10 buildings in Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Sunset Park, and the Lower East Side.

The project, called the Hive, is being run through a San Francisco-based company called Campus and consists of three- to five-bedroom apartments where each bedroom is rented out separately. Renters would pay a one-off fee for the shared amenities (kitchen, bathroom, roof deck, backyard, and laundry room) and a monthly fee for the room (no word yet on the prices). Essentially, it sounds like an easier (and probably way more expensive) way of finding a sublet, with the added bonus that if you don't like your roommates you can just transfer to a different room in a another apartment, and then try to avoid your ex-roommates in the laundry room.
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