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30 Park Place's Bonkers Penthouse Isn't Even That Expensive

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Although a few massive floorplans have already been revealed for downtown's tallest residential tower at 30 Park Place, the newly-unveiled floorplan for the bonkers combined 78th- and 79th-floor duplex penthouse far and away takes the cake as the building's most extravagant digs. The duplex penthouse, which has yet to come to market, will ask about $65 million, a bargain alongside comparatively opulent apartments in the works.

The combined penthouse, which is also being offered as a series of smaller apartments, will have seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and two powder rooms spread over 10,480 square feet. The penthouse will have a double-height reception hall with a wrap-around staircase, a corner double-height living room, and a "morning kitchen" adjacent to the master bedroom. The duplex will also have 861-square-feet of exterior living space in the form of double-height loggias.
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30 Park Place

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