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Health and Wealth

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L&L Holding recently announced that its upcoming office tower, the Norman Foster-designed 425 Park Avenue, is the first building in New York City to meet the standards for WELL Certification. Similar to LEED, the WELL Building Standard focuses on "enhancing people's health and well-being through the built environment." According to L&L, the 47-story tower will have special air filtration and water purification apparatuses, terraces, and a special "wellness center," which sounds like a euphemism for the place in a 70s dystopian sci-fi movie where people get brainwashed/lobotomized. It's currently the second building in the country to attain WELL Certification. The first was, strangely, not DiCaprio's creepy health palace [NYO; previously]

425 Park Avenue

425 Park Avenue, New York, NY