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New York Couple Sues Neighbors... Over Hallway Furniture

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Fourth floor residents of Central Park West co-op The Kenilsworth are embroiled in a hallway decor debate that has reached the court. As explained by the Post, veteran building residents The Hogues are fighting to defend the decor—agreed upon with the two former families who lived off of the three-apartment hallway—that they now share with new residents who don't have the same sentimentality for the design. "We do not consent to your church pew in the hallway or your artwork and would like both to be removed immediately," one of the new floor residents at 151 Central Park West wrote to the Hogues in a searing email after the veteran residents filed suit. The floor's new residents are calling for a renovation, or at the very least an aesthetic update, to the area. A judge will hear the case next month.

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