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East Village Substation May Get Rooftop Terrace With Makeover

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In August 2014, billionaire art buff Peter Brant snatched up late artist Walter de Maria's East 6th Street live/work space for $27 million. Under Brant's lead, the recognizable former Con Ed substation between First Avenue and Avenue A—with a presence, some might argue, as mysterious as 190 Bowery—may become an art exhibition space. The Brant Foundation will present its proposal for the building as exhibition space to Community Board 3's Landmarks Committee tonight, EV Grieve reports (the building falls within the East Village/Lower East Side Historic District.) Brant's proposed changes to the building and lot look pretty minimal. The most jarring change is the conversion of a rear driveway and side alley into gated garden space, which really isn't that jarring at all.

↑ A look at the proposed rear and side garden space.

↑ And a rendering of what it may look like.

The foundation also proposes adding height to a bulkhead atop the building to accommodate for HVAC mechanicals and an elevator. Work on the roof would also include the addition of a skylight and a new roof terrace, presumably for soirees. At least one EVG commenter lambasted the plan, "wait till those art parties start in the garden and on the roof. just what a gallery needs. will there be a liquor license and a happy hour?," to which another commenter replied, "'art parties'?? hahaha.. we live in a day and age where folks worry about 'art parties' negatively affecting their quality of life."

The full proposal can be seen here (PDF!).
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