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Replacing The Port Authority Bus Terminal Could Cost $11B

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About eight years ago, New York had a dream that building a tower on top of the "worst place on Planet EarthPort Authority, of course—would produce the funds to improve it. That never materialized, but officials are trying to alleviate how terrible it is to travel through there for the tens of thousands of commuters and others that use the grody bus station daily. So in 2013 they commissioned a study that would examine how to upgrade PA into "world-class facility." (One step at a time, folks.)

Now PA has preliminary estimates for how it much it would cost to replace the whole hideous thing altogether: $8 billion to $11 billion. And despite the sentiment from a PA commissioner is "we must do it" and the sentiment from a regular passenger is "it's a terrible combination of lack of ventilation, the most depressing décor possible and just complete anarchy," exactly where that money would come, especially given expensive Hudson River tunnel replacement projects, from remains unclear. It could take a decade! Awesome.
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—Photo by Jason Kuffer/Curbed Flickr pool