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New Looks at Gramercy's Cabrini Medical Center Conversion

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The conversion of Gramercy's Cabrini Medical Center into apartments has been in the works since 2013, when Memorial Sloan-Kettering sold off the small hospital campus to developer Chetrit Group for more than $150 million, but little progress has been made on the site since. A new round of renderings, discovered by YIMBY, seem to offer hope that the project—after months of stop work orders and safety violations—may be moving full steam ahead again. The new glimpses at the building aren't entirely unlike those seen before, but do clarify a few things: Chetrit and Clipper Equities' project, known as Gramercy Square, will reach four buildings, three converted and one built new from the ground up.

↑ The largest building at the site will be 209-225 East 19th Street, a converted structure that will house 140 apartments over 16 stories.

227 East 19th Street (↑) and 228 East 20th Street (↓) will both hold 54 apartments a piece, but 228 East 20th Street will be a ground-up development.

↑ Here's our best guess at where the buildings are and will be.

The smallest building in the project will be the (unpictured) eight-floor, eight-apartment 224 East 20th Street. The conversion will include some "strategic" demolition of parts of existing buildings. The project architect is Woods Bagot, and completion is slated for 2016.
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