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One57 Hit with Stop Work Order After Glass Falls onto Car

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The Department of Buildings has ordered that One57 stop all glass work after a large piece of Plexiglass fell from the 22nd story of the tower on Sunday, hitting two parked cars. This marks the third time in less than a year that glass has fallen from One57, which has been plagued by terrifying construction accidents. Last May, a windowpane on the 22nd floor fell onto 57th Street, hitting a flatbed truck (resulting in a $2,400 fine), and in February glass from the building landed on an adjacent building's terrace. In addition, One57 had a construction crane collapse during Hurricane Sandy, and the building shut down part of 57th Street the following year with another crane related mishap.

A spokesperson for developer Extell and Lend Lease Co., the construction manager, however, would like to reassure everyone that the glass that plummeted from the building this time around was only temporary, which apparently makes it better? "Glass is not falling from the building nor are windows falling from the building," she said. "This was a straight piece of Plexiglas, not glass related to the curved facade, which became dislodged." You know what they always say: you don't want to get hit by a curved piece of glass that fell 22 stories, but a straight piece of Plexiglass is whatever. Also, seems like a pretty loose definition of "Glass is not falling from the building."

Meanwhile, the neighbors are rightfully getting nervous. A tipster sent us a screenshot from a Facebook group for Upper East Side mothers, where one lady wrote, "I live next to the new One57 building and today (for the 2nd time) panes of glass have fallen, this time smashing a car's windshield. Needless to say I am petrified to walk on my block with my son." A valid enough concern, but didn't she just out herself as not living on the Upper East Side? Imposter!
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